Natalie Kauftheil

Animal Communicator




You will never be a failure to us as long as you live.
Please do not look or think of yourself as if you failed,
for all we see is a loving kind generous spirit.

Life does not always play out the way we think it will.
This my love does not mean failure in any respect.
It only means it is time to move on for we all have new
and wonderful events for you to see,
too expericence with ulitmate love.
Don't ever be afraid or fear the love that is coming your way,
you only deserve the best in our eyes of love.

The universe operates with speed
and efficiency in direct relation to our degree of trust.
When we feel stuck, we need to get out of our own way.
This does not mean that we simply sit back and do nothing,
but rather that we know when to let go,
when we have done enough.

When we move through the world knowing that we will be provided for,
magic happens!

God as bestowed the wonderful gift of site to me
as well as talking with my angels.
I also talk with spirits who have passed over to the otherside,
as well as stuck somewhere inbetween.

My angels guide me along side of you to help
the spirit walk through the doors of the white light with great ease....

My angels also love to help with financial questions
and seem to love to tell woman when the are pregnant.

My angels also have given me the Great wisdom
of explaining how the law of the universe works,
which does not always go with the rule of society,

I never judge anyone!
I am not here for that!
I am only to help & guide you through the path you wrote...

We all need help staying on our path,
so never feel foolish for there are no mistakes in life.
God has given us free will and it is up to us
to choose the way we want to go...
I always tell my children "For every action,there is a reaction.
Just be sure your choice is from the heart."

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